Behemoth Rhapsody, Part 2

The situation had escalated exponentially since we last checked in with the elite U.N. security team and its ongoing battle against the stampede of giant monsters known as Behemoths (see my review of Behemoths Rising here).

The feathered dragons were easily the most aggressive of the bunch. Ice Behemoths, Sea Behemoths and massive earthworms couldn’t compete with the Fire Behemoths’ fiery ambition to become the world’s next dominant species.

From the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Sahara Desert, the jungles of Mexico and across the far reaches of the globe, the Fire Behemoths filled the skies with terror. London, Boston, Beijing, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Cairo—all the great armies of the world stalled, unable to defend their countries. The story of man had reached its inevitable endgame.

But hold on a sec. Mankind wasn’t ready to give up so easily. In particular, the U.N.’s crew of soldiers, weapons experts and scientists worked tirelessly around the clock to find a way to defeat the Fire Behemoths. For them, the war wasn’t over yet.

About halfway through the book, a scientist figured out (finally!) how the dragons operated. Said Dr. Violet Callaway, “Through my observations, I believe the largest Fire Behemoth is the alpha member of the flock. It directs the others and leads them in coordinated attacks on our largest cities.”

A plan to disrupt the Fire Behemoths quickly emerged: Take down the alpha dragon and the others would fall. And if they didn’t fall, they’d probably get confused, or afraid or they would quarrel with each other endlessly. Anything could happen, admitted Callaway.

At the same time as the Fire Behemoth puzzle was being solved, the U.N. security team found itself being ripped in half. A new recruit by the name of John Temple was making a play to become the leader of the team. Naturally, this bothered Jason Bagley, the current chief of security. They both knew there couldn’t be two alpha dogs in the same pack.

In his book Brave New World, Aldous Huxley split his characters into Alphas and Betas. In a way, author John Grover was doing the same thing here. There was only room for one dominant alpha in Giants Reborn. Soldier, scientist, pirate, Behemoth—who would it be? To be continued.

[Giants Reborn / By John Grover / First Printing: March 2021 / ISBN: 9798710181898]

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